We have a strict policy when it comes to accepting extensions into the public Gallery. Your extension needs to meet a certain set of standards and expectations before it's accepted into the gallery, these "guidelines", are listed down below. Note that if your gallery extension is updated, it will have to be reevaluated by a maintainer, and if your update violates our guidelines, your extension will be unpublished.

Maintainers have the last say when it comes to accepting, denying and/or removing extensions to and from the Gallery.

  1. Misleading Metadata: Your extension's metadata must represent your Source Code's intention and effect. Your Source Code should not have hidden, "sleeper" features that are not contributing to the purpose of the extension, as documented in the extension's metadata.
  2. Harmful Code: Your Source Code's intention and/or effect must not be negative and/or harmful to the gulid that installs it. "Server Nukers", "Mass Banners", and the like are strictly prohibited.
  3. Harmful Strings: It should be obvious that your extension's metadata and Source Text is not allowed to contain any content that violates our Community Guild's rules. No spam, no descrimination, no NSFW content in non-NSFW channels.
  4. Illegal Content: Your Extension's metadata and Source Code must follow all UK and Dutch laws. Based on the severity of the violation, your Discord Account may be blocked from GAwesomeBot if you fail to uphold this guideline.
  5. Copied Code: Your Extension's purpose must be original. If your Extension is improving an already existing Gallery Extension, it must add sufficient improvements to be considered an alternative option to the Extension it is improving, not just a personally-fine-tuned version.
Important Notice:

If you save your Extension, you agree to allow GAwesomeBot to license your Extension's Source Code. Any Source Code that is published to the Gallery is available to the public under the same License GAwesomeBot is Open Sourced under (At the time of writing: GPL V2).

Used Terminology

  • Metadata: All Non-Code information your extension contains, such as its name, description, etc.
  • Source Code: Your Extension's code.
  • Source Text: Any Strings that are externally displayed by your extension (such as chat messages sent by the extension) in your extension's Source Code.