Back from the robot dead Announcement

By GG142, published a year ago

We're back!

GAwesomeBot Dev is back from… robot death? Back from the robot dead! Isn't that great? I'm sure you could not possibly be any happier right now. Without further distraction, allow me to answer some questions you, as hypothetical reader, might have. Without the Discord 2000 character limit; get ready! 3, 2, 1, GO!

Gilbert? Since when do you work again?

Uh, first of all, ouch. Sorry my feelings got into the way of your passive aggressive comment as sharp as a knife. Secondly, I've been lurking behind the scenes for some time now. Just recently I started to ramp up in terms of development time. Partially because I realised that I wasn't doing all of you justice… but mostly because the first of December sounded like a lovely date for the resurrection of GAB. (Chirstmas was a bit too far away)

Why was GAB Dev down in the first place? What the procreate have you been doing?

GAB was down because our codebase wasn't scalable enough to keep up with the amazing amount of support you guys have been showing us… again. This time, I promise that won't happen again though.
Why not, you ask? Well not only because I'm a fucking wizard, but also because the update that's just been pushed has fixed most issues that motivated us to gift GAB Dev with a forced vacation. What exactly is this update, you ask? Well my child, we've done things so incredibly complicated and insanely complex that your sweet little peach brain would simply evaporate upon attempting to understand… But, I'm not going to stop you from reading the amazing blogpost I wrote.

What happens now?

The future can be scary, spooky, terrifying and sometimes even all of those at the same time. Luckily, papa Gilbert has got you covered. We're going to be working on the bot regularly now to improve stability and port over features such as commands, events, and extensions. We're hoping that by the end of the year, we'll have reached enough stability to move over to the public non-dev GAwesomeBot instance again. Until then, GAwesomeBot-Dev will be kept online as much as possible for those of you who just can't wait for that smooth GAB goodness. However, I'm afraid there simply isn't enough time, nor has the rift in the space-time continuum developed enough for a human to fit in yet, for me to both develop and test everything. That is why I've got you, loyal GAB Users to help me out! (If you want, I'm not forcing you or anything. If you don't want to then that's fine, no pressure. Just putting the idea out there. Don't worry about it too much. Just saying.) I want all of you to break GAB. That's right, do your finest! Try all commands, all web pages, all possible combinations of actions to completely mess the bot up. Because every mistake that you find during testing, is one less mistake found when you actually want GAB to work. Once you've find a bug, reach out to us in our Discord server, or (bonus points) submit an issue on our GitHub repo. Of course, if you're experienced in javascript development yourself, any code contributions are massively, insanely appreciated! But seriously, you have never seen such appreciation. Want to give it a go? Create a pull request here.

This all sounds too good to be true.

Well, luckily, it is! Alright, alright, I'll come clean. There is one catch to all this. All servers have lost their member and channel GAwesomeBot data. Wait wait WAIT, PUT THAT STICK BACK DOWN. It's not as bad as you think. Your config data is perfectly fine and untouched. So what has changed? I'll note the most important losses:

  • Member Ranks have been reset
  • Member message counts have been reset
  • Member strikes and mutes have been reset
  • Channel cooldowns have been reset

See? That wasn't that bad, was it? Can you put that stick down now? I really don't feel comfertable with this.

Gilbert do you ever shut up? I have things to do.

Alright, subtle hint understood.

This about sums up what's happened. As always, if you have any inquiries, questions, messages of appreciation or absolute rage and hate, you can let us know in the Discord server. Thanks for reading, I wish you the best of luck GABbing, and the most festive of festivities.

See you later GAwesomeUsers,